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We are a company dedicated to the construction and variety of tasks, which have led us to establish ourselves in the Number 1 sector. In Gonzo Contracting LLC, we are committed to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. We want to achieve prosperity and happiness to build your dreams.



Since 2002 with Ethics and Transparency. 14 years of experience in construction.


Of illusion and dream of being a builder to build dreams.

In 1975 born in URUGUAY Gonzalo Benitez, during his childhood he was always a creative, humble and great ideas person . Always he focused on the art or technique to build and create things always with the dream of becoming a great builder.


In 1990, with only 15 years old emigrates to Spain in search of opportunities and there get your first job in construction, where actually learns what would be his great future.


In 1992, he returned to his hometown with a broader view and the whole experience, but decided to look for an opportunity in a country that gave him the opportunity to apply all the potential he had.


In 2002, it is there where travels to the United States and its proposed goals creates the company "Gonzo Contracting LLC" where it begins to be recognized as one of the best, creating jobs and giving extensive coverage in the country where the issue of the construction it was very competitive.

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